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Fall Fashion 2012/2013

DSquared Fall


Here we go Fashionistas! The summer heat is still ablaze, but fall is quickly rolling around and fashion shows are strutting a glimpse of fashion follower paradise, and we are frantically taking notes to tame the pride of fashion fanatics thirsting for insight on the goods. Prepare yourself for a season of classy glam, conservative edge and style with finesse, flare and yep, fedoras. For fall fashion, belts are big and neon’s, well, they’re not so much- neon has been replaced with darker colors, such as; black, gray, tan tones and purple with a hint of earthy pastels to add color to your evening attire. So get ready to clear out your closet, at least until next year, and hit the racks!


From the bottom up, cheers! This is what is trending for fall:


Fall 2012 THil



Flats are back… well; they are still in at least! Phew, I don’t know about you, but I spent a small fortune on shoes this summer, with a particular emphasis on ballet flats, so this is good news to me, and my purse- and I’m sure it’s good news for a few of you as well! There is one addition to the flat fervor for the coming season; bring on the biker boot flats, because they are being worn with skirts, dresses and skinny jeans. And we have some more good news, pumps are still pouncing the catwalks! So we’ll get to reuse these fashion favorites for the fall and they are versatile, going with skirts, skinny’s and dresses.



As I’ve mentioned a few times, skinny jeans are still in- but there is an emphasis on check’s, floral, exotic and dots. This is great for those of us that are vertically challenged, as skinny’s do really help give us a little vertical lift; does it really matter that it’s only an illusion?! And don’t be afraid to break out a thick bold belt to accessorize your outfit- belts are big! This is fabulous if you spent the summer trying to trim down, because we still get to flaunt our figure a little bit.


Fall Fashion THil


Blouses & Tops

Button’s and belts are big with blouses for the coming fall. There has been an emphasis on lighter earthy tans for tops with darker tan and gray coloring for coats, blazers and collar jackets to add some contrast to your outfit. Also look for sheared cuff’s and collars. A lot of fashion shows have been placing an emphasis on shearling to accentuate, and almost accessorize, coats and blazers. They’ve also added shearling to hand bags to pull the outfits together and make them complete with accessories.


Tom Hil Fall


Two final fashion notes

One thing I’ve noticed and I might be off the mark here, but there hasn’t been a lot of emphasis on large accessories, whether it is rings or bracelets. I’m not sure if it’s the fashion shows I’ve been paying attention to, or if it’s a trend that is waning… we may be putting our large accessories away for this coming season. And to touch on fedora’s, they are definitely seeing some action on the catwalk. They are a great way to add a little pizazz to any outfit and give it a mysterious, sleek, or even playful look. And don’t be afraid to add some contrast within the fedora itself; it’s definitely okay to go dark with a light band – or light with a dark band. Contrast is a great way to make it stand out.



There are so many great styles out there, and following fashion trends is really exciting; there is always so much creativity. This summer pastels and neons are the colors of choice and a lot of fashion shows are creating some great outfits flaunting them- and I am loving it; especially when they are mixed with the professional look. And, in case you haven't been following the latest trends in fashion, peplums are another great feature to add texture and creativity to your look. A lot of shows have been adding peplums to both blouses and skirts. Another great touch to add the standout affect is color blocking to your outfit. It creates a poignant, sharp look and really makes an outfit (and the woman wearing it) stand out.


I love this outfit! It is professional, conservative, beautiful and perfectly accessorized. Definitely a fashion follower from the shoes, to the bag and bracelets.


Posted by: Elisha on July 7, 2012 photo credits: phil h

Just Love & Fashion

I loved this photo when I saw it and it says everything... had to post it.



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