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What to Look Out For in Womens Fashion

Every year we are greeted with new fashion trends that are set to be the biggest things yet and, if you follow the trends, you will undoubtedly always be on the lookout for the next big thing. Well, this year there will be a conglomeration of excellent trends that will suit everyone and they contain a mixture of well-known ones and kookier, more unusual ones. Read more..

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Fall Fashion 2012/2013

Fall 2012 Fashion


Here we go Fashionistas! The summer heat is still ablaze, but fall is quickly rolling around and fashion shows are strutting a glimpse of fashion follower paradise, and we are frantically taking notes to tame the pride of fashion fanatics thirsting for insight on the goods. Prepare yourself for a season of classy glam, conservative edge and style with finesse, flare and yep, fedoras. For fall fashion, belts are big and neon’s, well, they’re not so much- neon has been replaced with darker colors, such as; black, gray, tan tones and purple with a hint of earthy pastels to add color to your evening attire. So get ready to clear out your closet, at least until next year, and hit the racks!



Posted by: Asia on July 7, 2012 photo credits: phil h

Just Love & Fashion

I loved this photo when I saw it and it says everything... had to post it.



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I'm a stay at home mom with two boys and a daughter and I love fashion. When I'm not running around the house playing ninja or picking up socks, I am searching the net for the latest fashion trends and searching for great blogs out there. I just started developing this site about a month ago (June 1, 2012), so it is still bare, but I am building it one page at a time and as you can see by the "future links," I have a lot of ideas and hope you enjoy the site!